Model Derek 3D

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Model 3D Industrial Crane untuk pemodelan dan rendering grafis 3D.

Crane lifting – the general name for a subclass of lifting machines for the spatial movement of goods, the temporary engagement of which is carried out using various lifting devices: hook hangers, load-gripping bodies of a special design.

Konstruksi derek meliputi:

– metal construction, which forms the basis of it. In fact, everything that we see in the crane belongs to the metalwork – spans, supports, arrows, etc. Metal structures are box-shaped and lattice sections. Depending on this, the conditions of operation and supervision, the method of production and design calculations change. each of these species has both pluses and minuses. The application of a particular type is selected according to technical, technological and other requirements. It should be noted that, in principle, these two types are interchangeable, but the adequacy of their application to the operating conditions and tasks should be assessed.

– a load lifting mechanism consisting of a flexible lifting device (steel rope or chain), a load gripping device (hook, loop, grapple, etc.) and a cargo winch. To ensure safety in operation, the load-lifting mechanism is equipped with various limiters (load capacity, load moment, load-carrying unit stroke);

– load-gripping body, it may not be automatic (hook, loop) or automatic (electromagnet, pneumatic suction, spreader, etc.).
Juga, dapat dilengkapi dengan mekanisme pergerakan truk kargo, mengubah jangkauan boom, rotasi elemen bantalan di sekitar dukungan, dll. Derek stacker dilengkapi dengan mekanisme rotasi kolom.

Semua jenis utama crane dilengkapi dengan pembatas beban atau pembatas momen beban, yang juga dapat memiliki perekam parameter untuk mengumpulkan informasi tentang beban yang diangkat.