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3D Model Sepeda Motor Standar untuk pemodelan grafik komputer 3D.

Sepeda motor adalah kendaraan roda dua dengan mesin mekanis (mesin pembakaran internal, listrik, pneumatik), fitur pembeda utama di antaranya adalah: posisi vertikal pengemudi (pengendara sepeda motor), kehadiran pemberhentian kaki samping (platform, langkah) , kontrol langsung (tanpa roda gigi) roda putar depan.

Sepeda motor klasik termasuk roda dua, roda dua dengan sespan, roda tiga (roda tiga) dan roda empat (quad), mobil salju (memiliki drive dilacak). Selain jumlah roda, sepeda motor juga berbeda dalam desain dan ukuran: moped, skuter (mesin tertutup tubuh yang terletak di bawah jok dan kaki pengemudi) jenis: klasik, penjelajah, tur, olahraga, jalan, lintas, enduro, helikopter.

Sepeda motor klasik
Motorcycles of this class appeared first and since then they are “motorcycles for every day.” The design of these motorcycles is characterized by simplicity and ease of maintenance, although in modern classic motorcycles, many technologies are used that have come from the sport. A modern classic motorcycle can be of any cubic capacity – from 50 to 2000 cm ³ – but what unites them all into one type is geometry, which provides a direct (so-called “classic”) fit for the driver when he sits straight, without deviating or leaning on the steering wheel. Such a landing is very convenient for a long ride, and all motorcycles are created with this in mind. Classic motorcycle engines are usually moderately forced to achieve a maximum resource that Japanese motorcycles make 100,000 km or more.

A different type of classic motorcycle came from sport – a streetfighter (from the English. Street fighter – street fighter). In fact, this is a sportbike without plastic, many streetfighters-kastomy are made this way – the sportbike “undresses” and there remains a minimum of facing on it that is necessary for driving around the city. Serial streetfighters are created on the basis of engines and other parts of sports motorcycles, while the engines are deformed by 20-25%, and other structural elements are simplified to reduce their cost, but without a serious reduction in ride quality. Such motorcycles are Honda CB-600F and CB-900F Hornet, Yamaha FZ-6 and FZ-1, Suzuki GSR-600 and SV-1000S, Kawasaki Z-1000, etc. Their appearance on the roads is a kind of tribute to fast driving.