Transport Model 3D

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Model 3D dari Kendaraan Angkutan Militer untuk pemodelan dan rendering grafis 3D.

Military transport – in the armed forces, it’s providing a transportation of troops, armaments and military equipment, as well as the supply of troops to all that is necessary for their livelihoods.

The first cases of military use of railroads took place already in the ’50s – 60’s of the XIX century. During the Franco-Italian-Austrian War of 1859, for the first time, large-scale troop movements (railway maneuvers) were quickly deployed by rail. This contributed to the successful offensive of the troops.

Selama Perang Dunia Pertama, gerbong mulai menggantikan gerbong untuk mengirim pasokan ke pasukan dari stasiun akhir.

English “Chinuk” carries Land Rover with a trailer.
Penerbangan militer pertama kali digunakan dalam perang di 1936 selama Perang Sipil di Spanyol ketika pesawat angkut Jerman mengirim pasukan Franco dari Maroko ke Spanyol.

Selama Perang Dunia Kedua, Pusat Grup Tentara Jerman (hingga 1.8 juta orang) melayani rata-rata kereta 1700 sebulan.

During the Second World War it became clear that rail transport requires the diversion of large forces to protect it from the enemy’s aircraft, and because of the formation of damaged areas, bridges, and overload areas, it can only be used in a limited way. Road transport, which was the main use of it in the front, army and army rear, had a greater survivability.