Model Audio 3D

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Model Audio 3D terwakili pada Flatpyramid sebagai sistem suara, speaker dan alat musik.

Audio adalah istilah umum tentang teknologi suara, sinonim dari kata suara. Paling sering, di bawah istilah audio, memahami suara yang direkam pada pembawa suara; Audio yang lebih jarang berarti perekaman dan pemutaran suara dan peralatan rekaman suara yang sesuai.

Ada audio analog dan digital (atau audio analog dan suara digital).

The term “analog audio” in the general case is the information (data) of the sound recorded in the analog electrical signal. Analog electrical signal is obtained by converting sound through a microphone. It can be stored on such carriers as a gramophone recorder, a magnetic tape in the form of a reel or a tape recorder. A signal is played using analog equipment, such as electric speakers or tape recorders.

The term “digital audio” (or digital sound) in the general case means information about the sound recorded in a digital signal. A digital signal is obtained by digitizing the analog signal (analog-to-digital conversion, ADC), it can be stored on such digital media as CDs or DVDs, DAT cassettes, computer memory as audio files, etc.

Historically, analog technology developed much earlier than digital – the first device for mechanical recording and playback of sound is invented in 1877 by a phonograph, while experimental digital audio recordings appeared only in the 1960s. At the turn of the XX-XXI centuries, digital audio is gradually replacing the analog, especially in consumer goods, but high-quality analog equipment is still used by sound engineers and arranger.

Most popular file formats for audio 3D models: .3ds .ige .igs .iges .lwo .3dm .obj