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Probably you have met a lot of Opel 3D models because this car is popular among car owners, thus it’s popular among 3D artists. The company’s history started in the 19th century.

In 1862, Rüsselsheim city. Adam Opel adapted a sewing machine for the production of hats and founded the company Opel, on which he established the production of machines for the production of hats. This company has become the largest manufacturer of hats in Germany.

In 1884, at an exhibition in France, Adam met a bicycle and caught fire with a new idea – the release of bicycles. Since his childhood, five sons of Adam helped his father in the factory, and in his spare time, they enjoyed having a ride on bicycles around the house. They were the ones who popularized cycling in Germany and soon became the first champions. Thanks to the success of the brothers, the Opel bike brand soon became known to the whole of Europe. As champions in bicycle racing, the Opel brothers were invited to the Berlin Motor Show in 1897, where they first saw self-propelled carriages and set about a new idea – to start producing cars.

Dua saudara Opel, Karl dan Wilhelm, memulai kegiatan mereka di industri otomotif di 1898 dengan membeli pabrik Lutzmann, di mana mereka mulai merakit mobil pertama mereka, kru desain Lutzmann yang bergerak sendiri, di bawah lisensi. Mobil pertama dirakit di 1899. Ini adalah awal dari sejarah Opel.

1927-1938 Adam Opel AG menjadi anak perusahaan dari General Motors

The success of the German company, which produces mass class passenger cars, attracted the attention of the James M. Mooney – a president of the General Motors. In those years, Opel, the former leader among German automakers had a hard time: German car brands retreated under the onslaught of imported, mostly American cars. The situation was not saved even by the record results set by Fritz Opel on the AVUS track on the RAK-I and RAK-II racing engines with jet engines. You can even Fritz 3D models too.

The world’s first jet-powered rocket engine, the RAK-I, was launched on March 11, 1928. The debut was unsuccessful, and two months later on the Berlin AVUS track a record race of another car took place – the RAK-II. The car has developed a fantastic speed at that time – 238 km / h. This car is far ahead of its time, and perhaps.

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